Welcome to Hplus Misc Page!

It's not like I spend all my waking hours updating this page. However, you can find these things here: (dates are off because of a sloppy disk migration)

character-movementBasics of controlling a character's location in a video game. 2009-06-23
compressorHow an audio compressor works. 2009-06-23
game-level-fileOne way of structuring a simple text file format to describe objects in a game level. 2009-06-23
lan-matchmakingHow to create a server browser for a networked game that allows hosting games on a LAN. 2009-06-23
simple-timerA simple, yet correct, class using QueryPerformanceCounter for implementing a timer for Win32. 2009-06-23
testing-client-serverHow to build and test a client/server game without going insane. 2009-06-23
tokenizing-messagesHow to tokenize messages for transmission over a streaming socket. How to distinguish different message kinds. 2009-06-23
unix-debuggerWhat needs to be done to get out from the tyrrany of GDB. 2009-06-23
windows-event-loopHow to properly structure a Windows event loop to be responsive, yet not consume all of the CPU for a tool or frame-rate-limited game. 2009-06-23
xbox-live-icmpX-box Live causes illegal ICMP messages. 2009-06-23